Getting Started: Creating an Account

Your email address and password provide access to your account. In order to protect the security of your account, we ask you to sign in each time you make a purchase at We may also ask you to sign in after brief periods of inactivity during your session. This can happen if, for example, you have to leave your computer unexpectedly.


Getting Started: Recover / Change Password

If you forget your password, click the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the sign-in or account pages. We'll ask for the original email address that you used to create your account and send you an email with instructions for resetting your password.

To change the password, you need to login and change the password on the profile page.

What is World VDS: Cost

After the trial period of one month, Users have to pay a monthly fee of 9.99€


What is World VDS: Trial Period

Each user can test WorldVDS for one month for free. On the end of this trial period, you’ll have to buy (through Paypal) a license to your terminal.


Paypal: payment method

PayPal is a free, secure money exchange program. All it requires is a credit card account. Once you have a PayPal account set up, you can receive money or send someone else money via e-mail. It's simple, quick, and reliable!

PayPal is a safe and easy way to make a secure online payment. It allows online shoppers to enter and store credit card and billing information in one place, thereby eliminating the need to store and update this information on multiple sites.
Click to sign up with PayPal.

On the Payment page, select the terminals you want to license. On the next page you’ll be able to review the financial details of the transaction. Upon confirmation, the User makes the payment on Paypal web site and is redirected back to, where the User can review the updated transaction details.

License Details:

To see the details of a license, on the terminals area, you’ll have a page where you’ll be able to check the license details: for instance when it was bought, how many days remain until a renew is due  and so on.


System Requirements

Win XP / Vista / Seven
Latest version of Flash Player (currently 10.3)
Intel® Atom Dual Core Processor
At least 1Gb of RAM
NVIDIA® ION™ graphic card or better
About 500 MB free disk space
Internet Broadband Connection (download velocity of 12 Mb or better)

Mac OS X

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Troubleshoot VDS Player

Installer doesn’t launch: Check if you have administrator privileges on your machine. Download a new installer from World VDS download page. If the difficulties persist, please report it back to us:

Player crashes: Reinstall the player. If the crashes continue, please contact us with detailed information on your machine.

Bug Report

World VDS is a work in progress! If you feel you found a bug, please report it back to us:

Suggestion/Feature request

Feel free to suggest /ask for a feature. Contact us at

What is a RSS feed

RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with web sites in an automated manner that can be piped into special programs. You can follow World VDS updates through an RSS reader (or "news aggregator"). There are 3 main kind of feed readers available:

  • Desktop readers (applications that you need to download and install), like Feedreader;

  • Web-based readers - they work inside the browser. Examples: Google Reader or MyYahoo!;

  • The latest versions of the main Web browsers, like Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari, also support feeds directly. In these browsers, simply click on the feed link to view or subscribe to it.

  • To subscribe to World VDS feeds in your reader, copy the link location. Follow the instructions for your particular feed reader to paste this location where it asks for the URL of the feed you wish to subscribe to.

    Terminal License swap

    Users can swap its payed license up to 3 times - that is, install the licence on computer A and later install the license on computer B - license on A is dropped - then on computer C - license on computer B is dropped. After that, you'll have to contact World VDS assistance

    How to use World VDS digital signage platform

    World VDS powered digital displays can be used to convey messages promoting your product or service making a call to action right at the purchase point, while entertaining and informing.


    Why use digital signage

    World VDS will help you improve you brand visibility, which will translate into increased sales, revenue and brand awareness. All known studies show that digital signage ads provide better return (ROI) than other kind of advertising.


    What is digital signage

    Digital signage advertising content is displayed on digital screens (LCD’s, plasmas) with the goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times.

    Usually, digital signage is installed in public spaces (train and metro stations, airports, shopping centers, shops, cinemas, bank agencies, hospitals, waiting rooms, etc.) and is used to entertain, inform and advertise.

    The content displayed on digital signage screen displays can range from simple text and still images to full-motion video, with or without audio. Digital signage can be comparable to television channels, displaying entertaining and informational content accompanied by advertisements.